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A history of minor gentry constructed from an Anglo-Irish family tree’s charred roots,” The Irish Times

Growing up in a conservative English family in the 1950s, I was entranced by the colourful and humorous stories my father told me about his carefree early childhood at Derrylahan Park in a remote corner of north Tipperary, and his eccentric Irish relations. He told me very little about what brought his Irish childhood to a terrifying and abrupt end.

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Coded letters reveal an illicit affair and a woman of substance,Oxford University Press Blog

When an old friend told me he had saved the former Edward Everett Hale house in Matunuck, Rhode Island from demolition and gifted it to a local historical society with an endowment fund for its restoration, I remembered there was a significant collection of E. E. Hale letters at the Library of Congress that might throw light on the house. How could I have guessed this would lead me to uncovering the revered minister’s decades-long love affair with a forgotten, much younger and truly remarkable woman named Harriet E. Freeman?

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